What's Your #1 Leadership Killer?

What's Your #1 Leadership Killer?

Team Training

In-Person or Virtual Training

Team Training

Aaron Antillon provides premier in-house training services that meet the specific needs of business owners, employees, team leaders, and managers.

In-house programs demonstrate your organization’s commitment to staff and employee development. They help foster team morale and positive work culture and have excellent team-building benefits as well. In-house training is also very cost-effective because there is generally no venue, travel, catering, and course material costs.

Our programs are relevant, practical, and delivered in an engaging way. Our on-site team training can be delivered to groups as small as 2 or 3 to large teams of 200 or 300. Combining assessments, interactive exercises, and hands-on training, all of our courses can be delivered at a time and location to suit you.

“We don’t do business with companies. We do business with people. Business is always human” -Simon Sinek

Team Training Curriculum

  • Unlocking your team’s full potential
  • Leadership management 
  • Leaders that create leaders
  • Personality clues that lead to productive collaboration
  • Your driving force of motivation
  • Your ideal environment for success
  • Identifying your primary focus in decision making
  • Identifying the fears that could be holding you back
  • Defining roles based on strengths

DISC Training

  • DISCover, Experience, and Apply the four temperaments of the DISC model of human behavior.
  • DISCover the barriers that are limiting your results.
  • DISCover unique leadership styles on how to empower your team, and receive real-time practice and feedback on-site.
  • DISCover the benefits of using personality assessment to train and coach others.

Conflict Resolution

  • Establish a language of teamwork.
  • Learn how Productive conflict promotes healthy teamwork.
  • Interactive, hands-on training that creates lasting results.
  • Each member will DISCover their unique DISC style to manage conflict productively.
  • Team exercises and team challenges put the principles of DISC and conflict into action.

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VIP Bonus Day for only $1,297: Value $5,000

• 2 day training
• VIP bonus day to individually work on implementation
• 3 night-stay in condo
• Dinner on Monday & Tuesday

General Admission only $497: Value $1,497

 • Registration to 2 day training,
• Journal