What's Your #1 Leadership Killer?

What's Your #1 Leadership Killer?

Turn Your Leadership Blind Spots Into Clear Vision

Become aware of your blind spots and use them to increase your influence and increase your earnings.

Key Benefits

Connect Better with Others

Increase Your Influence

Grow Your Earnings

Leadership is TOUGH.

Poor communication and connection with others may be costing you 10’s of thousands in lost productivity.


Greater understanding of your unique leadership style blend brings better connection and influence because nobody should suffer from blind spots and lack of awareness.

Leverage my team’s $1,000,000+ investment of being coached and trained by top business minds in the world.

Hi my name is Aaron.

For the past 12 years, I have coached and trained corporate executives and entrepreneurs just like you to learn the art of personality-based leadership, marketing, and selling.

In the “Turn Your Blind Spots Into Clear Vision” Program, you will receive a 30 page assessment unique to your leadership style and I’m going to coach you through your blind spots and how to turn them into vision.

Carnegie Institute:

85% of your success is due to your personality, ability to communicate, negotiate and lead. 
15% of your success is due to technical skills.

3 Simple Steps to Turning Your Blind Spots Into Vision

Learn your unique leadership style blend to increase your influence and impact.

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Take 20-minute Assessment

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“Turn Your Blind Spots Into Vision” includes:

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• 2 day training
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