What's Your #1 Leadership Killer?

What's Your #1 Leadership Killer?


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Aaron Antillon is available for speaking, interviews, and podcasts.

Aaron Antillon is a sought-after speaker, certified DISC Master Trainer, and expert in personal and professional development. With over 20 years of experience, he delivers impactful presentations and workshops to corporations, professional associations, and non-profit organizations. Utilizing the DISC behavioral model, Aaron connects with audiences on a deeper level and provides actionable steps for improvement in relationships, communication skills, and overall performance.

As a keynote speaker, Aaron’s dynamic and interactive approach delivers life-changing insights and practical strategies. He also leads team-building sessions to help organizations improve teamwork and collaboration. His passion for personal growth and drive to inspire others have earned him high praise from attendees and organizations.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your leadership skills or take your personal growth to the next level, Aaron is the speaker for you. His expertise, dynamic speaking style, and passion for empowering others will inspire and motivate you to reach your full potential. With Aaron Antillon, you can expect a transformative experience that will leave a lasting impact.

Signature Keynote Talks & Breakout Sessions

Aaron is known for challenging the thinking of the audience while building new ideas for success.

How to Turn Your Blind Spots into Clear Vision

You will gain the skillset to identify and address your leadership blindspots leading to greater self-awareness, improved decision-making and more effective team building.

It’s Time to Amplify Your V-O-I-C-E

You will understand the value that your voice brings. gain the skillset to identify your leadership blindspots and will be empowered with a proven system on how to address them and use them to effectively lead yourself and others

How to Pivot When S-H-I-F-T Happens

Have you encountered a situation that required you to make a sudden SHIFT? You will learn 5 power moves to make when SHIFT happens.

Crack Your Growth Code

You will have a clear understanding of the personal and professional growth obstacles you face and be equipped with proven strategies and techniques to crack your growth code and achieve your full potential.

How to Use Personality-Based Marketing to 10x Your Business

You will be equipped with powerful, personality-based strategies that you can immediately put into action to exponentially grow your business and achieve unprecedented success.

How to Gain and Retain Your Dream Team Members

You will learn the strategies and techniques needed to attract, retain, and cultivate top talent. As a result, you will build a dream team drives the success of your business.

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