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earn cash rewards when you refer someone to attend our events or sign up for our coaching programs. Kindly Note: it is your responsibility to read through carefully the policy of this opportunity before submitting a referral


Provide your personal information below
Provide us with information of the person you are referring

To facilitate your outreach efforts, we encourage you to consider using the sample invitation template provided below. This template can be adapted for use across various communication channels, including email, WhatsApp, and text messages.”

Following a personal conversation and expressed interest, you may share the most recent Summary Program Description document or landing page.

Legacy Live
Download Program Description (Opens in new tab)

Lights Camera Action
Download Program Description (Opens in new tab)

You can also share with them the following program/event overview videos

Legacy Live
Overview:  https://legacyleadership.info/LegacyLivePromo

Lights Camera Action
Overview: https://legacyleadership.info/PromoLights-Camera-Action

NOTE – please do not just email these links out to anyone or post them in any capacity.

They are to be used exclusively by you to share with a person you have spoken to, who is looking at joining the program.


As a unique bonus for joining our coaching program, we encourage you to speak personally about the value, benefits, and experience of Legacy Leadership Academy to assist those individuals who may be interested in the opportunity to join Legacy Leadership Academy.

Below are the policy, guidelines, and process to ensure that the person you are submitting will qualify as an eligible Referral.


Our policy on whether a person submitted would be considered an eligible Referral is:

You must have personally connected and spoken to a person, at length and in detail, regarding our program. It does not count as a referral if a person simply heard about the program from a social media post, or if you are in a relationship with the Prospective Attendee.

You must actively engage and submit the referral’s name and contact details through the Program Portal on the Online Platform/Resource Website and answer various questions about the referral, which will assist our team who will then contact the referral. All of this must be done promptly (it is suggested submittal through the portal be done the day of speaking with the potential referral). We ask for you to work cohesively with our team to help secure your referral’s enrollment into the program.

Any person referred cannot already attend, be enrolled in, or subscribed to any Legacy Leadership Academy Programs.

For the LEAD Advantage Certification Program or Lights, Camera, Action Live Event – Referral Fee (Commission)

Legacy Leadership Academy pays a referral fee (commission) that ranges from $0-$1,000 (unless otherwise stated herein) for each member that you refer who enrolls and attends either The LEAD Advantage Certification Program or Lights, Camera, Action Live Event. The referral fee (commission) amount is based on the enrollment fee paid by your referral. At times, the referred member’s enrollment fee may be deeply discounted. In such instances, the referral fee (commission) is $0.
The referral fee (commission) is determined at the time a referral enrolls.

* Payout of the referral fee takes place upon the referred person becoming active (having attended/completed the certification training).

* Program Member may submit referrals to the program while their status is pending for certification. However, the Program Member must be active/certified (meaning has paid in full and has attended their live certification training event) and be in good standing to receive any referral fee commission(s).

If your referral enrolls in any of the coaching programs, you will receive an additional monthly 15% residual.

A Program Member will receive a $25/month credit or $25/month check for each referral that enrolls in Legacy Circle for $250/month as a Thank You Gift.

A Program Member will receive a $75/month credit or $75/month check for each referral that enrolls in Legacy Inner Circle for $750/month as a Thank You Gift.

A Program Member will receive a $100//month credit or $100/month check for each referral that enrolls in Legacy Builder for $1,000/month as a Thank You Gift.

Receipt of the Thank You Gift takes place upon the referred person following their payment processed and eligibility to obtain a refund has expired.


A Program Member must be in good standing with Legacy Leadership Academy when a lead is submitted, for the lead to be considered an eligible referral.

All referrals must be self-generated and have been personally communicated to, by the Program Member, about the program.
In other words, we do not allow a Program Member to generate
”referrals” through mass emails, post a link on social media as an advertisement, alter or utilize the current marketing of Legacy Leadership Academy, make a general announcement at an event or at a meeting, etc. to bring prospects to the Program Member.

We do not accept referrals to our Programs from a person who attended a Legacy Leadership Academy hosted or sponsored event, an Aaron Antillon speaking event, whether associated or not with Legacy Leadership Academy, or any event hosted or sponsored by one of our team members, unless they attended based on your invitation and permission is given in advance.

before the start of any conversation or spending any length of time, it is mandatory that you ask the potential prospect if he or she has spoken to anyone else about the program (i.e. another Member, a Program Advisor, etc.) or if he or she has written in to receive information on their own, regardless if they have received a response back yet. Remember, there is a chance that a prospect may be utilizing you as a REFERENCE, which is not a referral, and so it could potentially make your referral ineligible due to being previously in contact with our program.

At the end of any communication, it is mandatory that you receive permission from the potential prospect to submit their name as a referral so they know that a Program Advisor will be calling them to follow up with all the details about a Program.

Should you not have a Program Advisor reach out right away, please submit the referral, but ask on the submittal form that no contact (be put on a hold status) be made until you notify us again. We will honor that request and check in with you periodically to see if there is an update. 
After 12 months if there is no written notification from you via the portal to allow us to reach out to that prospect, you will lose the right to lock that person in as your referral, and that prospect may be marketed to.


We do not allow direct submittal of a referral to any person on our Staff.

All referrals must be submitted, in writing, on the Legacy Leadership Academy Online Platform/Resource Website.

You must respond to all the questions on the submittal form, as detailed as possible

Please do not put two or more referrals on one submittal form (i.e., a Husband and Wife). You must submit each referral separately, providing contact/information details for each person.

You cannot submit your contact details in place of the referral’s contact details, even temporarily.

If you are referring to the Certification Program, you are encouraged to utilize the “Invitation” link, which is a webpage that has been specially created for Program Members to

These changes to our current policy will NOT be retroactive to previously submitted referrals.

Legacy Leadership Academy may modify any of the policies, guidelines, and processes contained herein, at any time and in its sole discretion, by posting a change notice or a new version of the Agreement on the Website, and the Program Member shall be bound by any changes immediately upon such posting. The Program Member shall be responsible for periodically reviewing the Website for notice of any changes.


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Choose a Payment Option That Works Best For You




One Year





Choose a Payment Options That Works Best For You




One Year




VIP Bonus Day for only $1,297: Value $5,000

• 2 day training
• VIP bonus day to individually work on implementation
• 3 night-stay in condo
• Dinner on Monday & Tuesday

General Admission only $497: Value $1,497

 • Registration to 2 day training,
• Journal