What's Your #1 Leadership Killer?

What's Your #1 Leadership Killer?

Leadership Speaker & Personality Strategy Expert

Unlock, Transform, & Elevate Your Team's Full Capacity

Maximize Your Team’s Performance, Ignite Change:

The Expert in Personality-Based Strategies


Aaron is available for speaking, training & podcast.

Aaron Antillon is a leading speaker and a leadership expert who has been invigorating professionals across America for over a decade. Known for his transformative insights into leadership and communication principles, Aaron has facilitated exceptional increases in sales performance and engagement, while reducing team conflict.

Utilizing an engaging and charismatic presentation style, Aaron delivers practical, actionable insights that promote high-performing, harmonious teams across various industries. His expertise in personality-based strategies enables him to customize  messages to diverse audiences, simplifying complex concepts into digestible wisdom, has made him a highly sought-after and reoccurring speaker for many top organization. 

Aaron is committed to creating lasting change, offering a proven pathway to enhanced team performance. By inspiring continuous growth and improvement, Aaron equips attendees with time-tested proven  tools to propel their teams to new heights.

Book Aaron for your next event for an empowering, enlightening experience that will spark meaningful change in your organization and invigorate your teams.

Signature Keynotes & Trainings

Aaron is known for challenging the thinking of the audience while building new ideas for success.

Unleash Team Potential: Mastering Performance with Aaron Antillon

Format: 60 minute keynote, workshop, or breakout

This program is perfect for:

The audience will leave with:

Ignite Harmony: Empower Your Team with Effective Conflict Resolution Strategies

Format: 60 minute keynote, workshop, or breakout

This program is perfect for:

The audience will leave with:

Beyond these steps, my session will weave in real-world case studies and interactive elements, ensuring engagement, knowledge retention, and the immediate applicability of the strategies discussed.

Shut the Back Door: Proven Strategies to Increase Employee Retention and Boost Your Bottom Line

This keynote presentation will incorporate a mix of data-driven insights, case studies, and interactive sessions. The program's goal is to equip leaders with the tools to understand their teams on a deeper level, foster a positive and motivating environment, and thereby significantly improve employee retention and overall organizational performance.

This program is perfect for:

The program is perfect for these groups because high employee turnover is costly, disruptive, and can negatively impact a company’s morale and productivity. By equipping those in leadership and HR roles with strategies for improving retention, we can help them to create a more stable, engaged, and productive workforce, which will ultimately lead to better business outcomes.

The audience will leave with:

How to Turn Your Blindspots into Clear Vision

Format: 60 minute keynote, workshop, or breakout

The purpose of my keynote is to provide a mix of theoretical understanding and practical, actionable takeaways. Attendees will leave with a comprehensive set of tools to turn their blind spots into clear vision, paving the way for remarkable personal and professional growth.

This program is perfect for:

The audience will leave with:

How to Make Power Pivots When SHIFT Happens

In "How to Make Power Pivots When SHIFT Happens", leaders will be empowered with knowledge, strategies, and an empowering mindset to turn periods of change into opportunities for growth and innovation. Leveraging these key takeaways, your attendees will be prepared to lead their teams with confidence and clarity, no matter what the future holds.

This program is perfect for:

The audience will leave with:

How to Turn Your Blind Spots into Clear Vision

You will gain the skillset to identify and address your leadership blindspots leading to greater self-awareness, improved decision-making and more effective team building.

It’s Time to Amplify Your V-O-I-C-E

You will understand the value that your voice brings. gain the skillset to identify your leadership blindspots and will be empowered with a proven system on how to address them and use them to effectively lead yourself and others

How to Pivot When S-H-I-F-T Happens

Have you encountered a situation that required you to make a sudden SHIFT? You will learn 5 power moves to make when SHIFT happens.

Crack Your Growth Code

You will have a clear understanding of the personal and professional growth obstacles you face and be equipped with proven strategies and techniques to crack your growth code and achieve your full potential.

How to Use Personality-Based Marketing to 10x Your Business

You will be equipped with powerful, personality-based strategies that you can immediately put into action to exponentially grow your business and achieve unprecedented success.

How to Gain and Retain Your Dream Team Members

You will learn the strategies and techniques needed to attract, retain, and cultivate top talent. As a result, you will build a dream team drives the success of your business.

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