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Aaron is available for speaking, training & podcast.

For over 20 years, Aaron has inspired audiences across America delivering over 750 paid speaking engagements at corporate events, professional associations, and government entities. Aaron’s television program, “Build A Legacy,” reaches hundreds of thousands of people weekly through Fox Television Network in major U.S. cities.

As a seasoned Team Development Expert, Aaron specializes in leveraging his background as a Personality Strategy Expert to empower your team with a proven system to maximize their performance, increase engagement, while reducing team conflict and providing solutions to your retention challenges.

Book Aaron for your next event and pave the way for an enlightening, empowering experience that will undoubtedly increase your organization’s bottom line.

Signature Keynotes & Trainings

Aaron is known for challenging the thinking of the audience while building new ideas for success.

Transformational Leadership

How to Turn Your Blindspots to Clear Vision

60 minute keynote, workshop, or breakout. Discover actionable solutions for common leadership challenges. Identify your leadership style, potential blindspots, and the best next steps to take to turn your blindspots to clear vision.

Professionals seeking to enhance their leadership skills and overcome common challenges.

Teams and organizations looking to improve communication, decision-making, and team cohesion.

Leaders aiming to achieve personal and professional growth.

Identify Blindspots: It allows leaders to recognize their predominant leadership style and the associated blindspots that may contribute to these challenges.

Offering Solutions: The talk provides actionable steps and strategies for leaders to turn these blindspots into strengths, enhancing their leadership effectiveness.

Enhancing Leadership Skills: By addressing these pain points, leaders can improve their communication, decision-making, conflict resolution, and adaptability skills.

Personal and Professional Growth: It supports leaders in their journey of personal and professional growth, offering insights that extend beyond the workplace.

Ignite Harmony

Conflict Resolution Strategies to Empower Your Team

60 minute keynote, workshop, or breakout. Discover actionable solutions for common dispute resolution mechanism. Identify your team members personality style.

In essence, this keynote is perfect for any team or individual seeking to transform conflict from a disruptive force into an opportunity for growth and development.

Leadership and Management Teams: This keynote is a great fit for leadership and management teams. It helps them understand how to handle team conflicts effectively, how to create a positive conflict culture, and how to set up mechanisms that prevent harmful conflicts.

Human Resources Professionals: HR professionals often serve as the arbitrators of conflict in the organization. This keynote will provide them with fresh insights and strategies for dealing with difficult situations, and for building a more harmonious workplace culture.

Empathetic Communication: Encourage a culture of open dialogue, allowing individuals to express their concerns, opinions, and feelings, fostering a stronger understanding amongst team members.

Conflict Analysis: Equip individuals with the skills to identify the root cause of conflicts, to better understand the interests of all parties involved, and guide them towards solutions that benefit the collective team.

Creating a Feedback-Rich Culture: Develop a positive feedback mechanism that promotes continual learning and growth, thereby reducing instances of miscommunication and conflict.

Beyond these steps, my session will weave in real-world case studies and interactive elements, ensuring engagement, knowledge retention, and the immediate applicability of the strategies discussed.

How to Make Power Pivots

When SHIFT Happens

In "How to Make Power Pivots When SHIFT Happens", leaders will be empowered with knowledge, strategies, and an empowering mindset to turn periods of change into opportunities for growth and innovation. Leveraging these key takeaways, your attendees will be prepared to lead their teams with confidence and clarity, no matter what the future holds.

Current Leaders: Particularly those leading organizations going through significant shifts, as it equips them with tools to navigate and manage change effectively.

Future Leaders: High-potential employees who will benefit from understanding change dynamics early on, helping them drive impactful change within their organizations.

Understanding the Shift: Navigating Through Unpredictable Change
The audience will gain deep insights into recognizing the early signs of significant change and understanding the underlying factors driving it. They can immediately apply this understanding to assess their current situation in their respective organizations and industries. This awareness will allow them to be proactive, rather than reactive, in the face of change.

Embracing the Pivot: Tools and Strategies for Effective Change Management
Attendees will be equipped with a comprehensive toolkit of strategies for managing change in a complex, fast-paced business environment. They will learn about approaches to making power pivots, from communication and team management to project execution. Immediately, these tools can be implemented into their existing change management strategy or used to create a new one.

Driving the Future: Leading with Resilience and Adaptability in a Changing World
Leaders will learn how to foster resilience and adaptability not just within themselves but also within their teams. They will understand how to turn shifts into opportunities and lead their organizations toward future success. After the talk, leaders can begin to develop a resilient mindset and an adaptable organizational culture. They will be encouraged to nurture these qualities, preparing their teams to be more resilient in the face of future changes

From Browsers to Buyers

The System to Attracting & Retaining Loyal Clients

This keynote presentation will incorporate a mix of data-driven insights, case studies, and interactive sessions. The program's goal is to equip business professionals, sales teams, entrepreneurs who are eager to learn a PROVEN system to enhance

Business Professionals: Empower your career with the skills to consistently attract and retain your ideal clients, elevating your value and influence within your organization. Sales Teams: Equip your sales team with cutting-edge techniques to convert prospects into committed clients, while 5x your revenue growth. Entrepreneurs: Transform your business into a customer magnet, ensuring long-term success by mastering the system of client attraction and retention. By the end of this 60 or 90 minute presentation, you will be equipped with actionable strategies and a comprehensive understanding of how to quickly identify the behavior style of who you are working with and know the exact words to connect with them.  This seamless strategy will be your guide to shift potential clients from browsing to becoming loyal and repeatable clients

Mastering Client Engagement: DISCover the proven system to capture and keep the attention of your ideal client.

Building Trust and Credibility: Learn techniques to establish trust and credibility with your potential clients, making them more likely to choose to buy your products or services over the competition.

Conversion Optimization: Implement proven strategies to turn browsers into buyers, including effective calls too action and user experience improvements.

Loyalty Maximization: Explore innovative methods for nurturing long-term client relationships, turn satisfied customers into brand advocates who keep coming back for more.

Data-Driven Insights: Harness the power of data analytics and customer feedback to continuously refine your client attraction and retention strategies, ensuring sustained business growth. their client acquisition and retention strategies

Amplify Your VOICE:

5 Strategies to Stand Out from the Crowd

60 minute keynote, workshop, or breakout In this highly engaging and inspiring presentation, you will discover 5 steps to harness your unique VOICE for greater success. Learn practical strategies to amplify your voice, captivate your audience, and leave a lasting impact in your professional life. Unlock your full potential by embracing your individuality and authenticity. Elevate your communication skills and stand out in your career with "Amplify Your VOICE!

Speakers, Authors and Presenters: Individuals who regularly give presentations, speeches, or public talks and want to captivate their audiences and leave a memorable impression.

Sales and Marketing Teams: Sales representatives, marketers, and anyone involved in client-facing roles aiming to communicate persuasively and build stronger client relationships.

Career Advancers: Professionals aspiring to advance in their careers by refining their communication abilities and increasing their visibility and influence.

Embrace Authenticity: Discover the power of authenticity in communication. Learn to embrace your unique qualities, perspectives, and experiences as strengths, allowing your authentic self to shine through in your interactions.

Effective Communication Mastery: Develop a strategic approach to communication. Gain insights into tailoring your message to your specific audience, whether it’s in a professional setting, a presentation, or a client interaction. Learn techniques to articulate your ideas clearly, persuasively, and memorably.

Strategic Personal Branding: Learn how to strategically develop and showcase your personal brand in the business world. Understand the importance of crafting a unique and compelling professional identity that sets you apart from your peers and conveys your value to colleagues and clients.

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